Return Policy

Return Policy

In order to ensure the interests of customers and improve the quality of after-sales service, Ha Thanh Company and BLUE Vietnam would like to send return and exchange information to customers when buying products through retail and online as follows: :

1) Conditions to apply the return policy:

As a customer and purchased products through the retail channel of Blue brand products via website: bluehathanh; Our Shopee, Facebook, … with invoices, purchase documents within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the goods. Particularly for shopee, customers will be processed according to the provisions of Shopee app.

In the following cases, they have the right to refuse to receive or return goods:

  • Product has expired
  • The product is broken, the packaging is broken
  • Product was damaged during shipping
  • Product damaged due to insect infestation
  • The product does not match the category that the customer ordered

2) Payment method:

Customers can exchange goods of the same type with a value equal to or greater than the value of the order they want to return. Customers are responsible for making up for the difference if the product they want to exchange has a higher value.

Goods can only be refunded in case the goods are defective by the seller and there are no equivalent goods of the same type to exchange at the time of exchange.

Customer has the right to refuse to receive the goods with the delivery staff when the above errors occur or bring the product to our contact address provided with the invoice and purchase receipt to receive support for exchange after receiving the goods. Received the item but found the error.

3) Cases that do not accept exchange:

  • Customers want to change types and models but without prior notice and without the agreement of BLUE Vietnam.
  • Product defects arise due to improper storage and use by customers.
  • Customers do not comply with the requirements as required to enjoy the warranty and exchange.
  • Customers do themselves affect the external condition of the product such as tearing the packaging, losing or breaking the box, scratches, scratches, broken products …
  • Customers request to return goods because of scratches, scratches, dents, … after being checked and signed for handover.
  • Goods that are part of the promotion, discharge, or liquidation programs are non-returnable.

4) In case the customer receives a shortage of goods:

If the customer has received the goods with the missing goods ordered, after comparing and checking directly with the delivery staff and the customer service department, the customer will receive all the missing ordered products after original receipt and full payment.

Thank you very much for your support of Blue products in the past time!

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