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Answers to frequently asked questions

If you have questions about products and policies, you can refer to the below. Or leave Blue Ha Thanh comments in the comment section below:

Blue branded products are produced by Ha Thanh Import-Export Trading Service Co., Ltd according to the exclusive technology transferred from Korea.

You can completely become an agent or NPP of Blue if you meet our agreements and policies for agents / distributors. We are still looking for potential distributors and agents. With the motto of cooperation to develop and bring genuine Blue products to consumers. You can contact us via hotline: 0865368066

We have clear and specific regulations on return / exchange in the corresponding section, please visit the Return Policy for details.

Blue Vietnam offers free home delivery for customers who purchase orders with a value of 300,000 VND or more, within the inner city of Hanoi and a radius of 5km.

Blue products are packaged and shipped nationwide, and shipping charges apply.

Because the product is loved and trusted by many women, there are many competitors that produce fake, imitation, and poor quality products. This action greatly affects the image of the company and especially the consumer experience.

Therefore, we hope that distributors and customers will be wise consumers. Choose the right genuine Blue products distributed by Ha Thanh. Blue products all have their own brand identity, on the package there is a round logo of Ha Thanh. For more information, you can refer to Ha Thanh’s products here: https://bluehathanh.com/shop/

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